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Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions Import and Export Tool

This is a utility to enable CRM Developers to automate the process of exporting and importing CRM solutions from one CRM Organization to another. To get more context on usage scenario and why it was created, you can check out my blog post here.

Operations available: 

- Export CRM Solutions as managed and/or unmanaged from Source Organization
- Import unmanaged and managed Solutions from source organization to target organization
- Import unmanaged and managed Solutions from local folder (.ZIP solution files) to target organization
- Publish all Customizations in target environment after each solution import or after all solutions are imported

For each of the operations above, you have additional parameters that can be set such as exporting Organization configuration or publish workflows/plugins after import etc.

Supported CRM Installation type : 

- On Premise (tested)
- CRM Online (tested)
- ADFS (not tested)

Screenshot 1 - Connection Panel

Screenshot 2 - Import/Export Screen

Few features that I may add in the future : 

- Specific Solution Import Progress report 
- Solution Export/Import scheduling 
- Any other suggestion is more than welcome!... 

If you are interested in helping build these features, reach out!!

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